Ashworth Street Surgery

Ashworth Street Surgery was formed in July 1999. There are eight doctors who form the partnership: Drs Steve Doyle, Dave Osborne, Shalini Gadiyar, Mark Mudalige, Adam Simmons, Kevin Cody, Feroz Zafar and Hassan Riaz. In addition to this we have Drs Natalia Alazzawi and Jamie Oldfield who are salaried GP’s, plus a number of training Doctors, a Nurse Practitioner, a Community Nurse Practitioner, practice nurses, health care assistants and a phlebotomist who compliment the team. There are also a large number of receptionists and administration staff who play a very important role in the everyday running of the practice.

Ashworth Street Surgery is committed to good medical care with continuity. We offer a wide range of services. Our surgery times have been extended some mornings and evenings to provide some flexibility for our working patients.

The practice has seen an increasing list size since it was formed and over time the surgery has developed a number of extensions at Ashworth Street to accommodate both additional clinicians and their own clinical consulting rooms. The most recent extension here at Ashworth Street was completed in July 2010 when a further six consulting rooms (fifteen in all) were developed on the first floor which also incorporates a lift to gain access.

Also in 2010 we saw the completion of our branch surgery in Norden. The surgery is based in what was the Norden Old Library on Edenfield Road. The practice has joined with our local neighbours Edenfield Road Surgery and we both share the upper floor, having two consulting rooms each Monday – Friday. From the feedback we have received from our patients, this has proved to be a huge success for both practices.

Reception at Ashworth Street is open from 8.00am to 6.30pm with no closure at lunchtime. All doctors from both practices will be holding sessions in Norden, so patients will be able to see a doctor of their choice for a pre-booked appointment, and both surgeries have open lists to take on new patients.

If you wish to book an appointment to attend the Branch Surgery you would need to ring the original telephone number for Ashworth Street Surgery which is 01706 346767

Please be advised that the Norden branch is only open when a doctor has a surgery and patients are unable to collect prescriptions from this site.