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Coronavirus measures extended across the borough Posted on 3 Mar 2021

Coronavirus measures extended across the borough

Extra measures brought in to the borough of Rochdale earlier this month are being extended from today as Rochdale Borough Council continues to strongly advise all residents in Heywood, Middleton, Pennines and Rochdale take extra precautions to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

The government announced last night that people from different households are not allowed to meet indoors or in private gardens.  You are also advised not to share a vehicle with anyone outside your household and only allowed to visit pubs, bars and restaurants with your own household or support bubble.  Up to two households (or six people from a number of households) may still meet outdoors in public spaces.

Businesses that were due to open tomorrow, have had their re-opening now postponed to at least 15 August.

Rochdale Borough Council leader Allen Brett said: “We understand the Government’s action and are broadly supportive of the measures. They are based on evidence that led us to implement our own measures two weeks ago. It’s unfortunate that whilst swift action is needed, the government reacted late and as a result rushed through measures without proper consultation, engagement and planning. We have been engaging with our communities extensively. They understand the need to implement these kind of measures and have generally responded well to what we have asked to help avoid an even tighter local lockdown being imposed. We are seeking a dialogue with government to ensure the measures are clear and we are likely to suggest minor refinements.”

In addition to the national measures - the borough’s additional guidance, originally introduced on 17 July has now been extended until at least 14 August:

  • No visitors to your home or garden who are not part of your support bubble
  • Wear face coverings in shops
  • Wear face coverings in public as much as possible
  • Keep 2 metres apart at all times
  • Avoid physical contact with anyone outside your own household, including shaking hands or hugging
  • Get tested even if you don’t have symptoms and isolate if you are told to do so
  • Wash or sanitise your hands whenever possible

With the majority of Covid-19 infections being mild, or with no obvious symptoms at all, the advice on testing has been updated, with all residents being offered a test even if they don’t have symptoms. More mobile testing centres are opening soon in Littleborough and Heywood in addition to existing sites in Middleton and Rochdale.

The advice will be reviewed again in two weeks.

Director of public health, Andrea Fallon, said: “We are doing more targeted mass testing and inviting everyone to take a test whether they have coronavirus symptoms or not. Offering a test to all will help ensure we can control the virus as quickly as possible. The borough’s cases remain high and everyone needs to continue following the advice to keep our infection rate down. Follow the rules, be responsible, protect yourself, and by doing that you will protect your family and friends.”

With more testing underway the borough still has the 6th highest rate of infection in England of 32.7 per 100,000, down from 4th on 17 July.

Council leader Allen Brett said: “Please remember this deadly virus is still very much with us. People are still dying, we have had deaths in the borough in the last week. This advice applies to every resident in the borough and we must all work together to stop the spread of coronavirus. It is up to us all to do this. We still have the ability to turn the situation around and this is why we are asking everyone to keep following the rules and take up the offer of a test.”

To book a coronavirus test, phone free on 0808 1964 100 or visit Bookings for 8am-1pm can be booked from 8pm the night before and bookings for 1pm-8pm can be booked from 10am that day. The website also has the latest updates, support and advice.

The council is contacting shielded residents to offer support when shielding ends from 1st August.

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