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School Letter Requests Posted on 7 Jun 2017

Recently the request from schools to provide medical evidence for either failure of a student to attend school due to illness or for written confirmation of the necessity for a student to take medication has significantly increased. Where school nurses are available they should be able to manage / administer over the counter medication without the GP providing written confirmation. In the absence of school nurses the school needs to ensure they have a policy on how minor ailments will be managed in school with over the counter medicines provided by parents. There is no NHS requirement for GPs to provide this type of evidence and in the current climate with demand on GP services from the public GP’s unfortunately do not have the capacity to provide such information.

 We support and acknowledge parents who aim to self- manage their children’s ailments but it does appear that the education system appears to penalise their intentions by failing to recognise their commitment and in return demand a GP letter to prove the period of absence, which the GP is unable to provide if the child has not been seen. In return to obtain such documentation parents are booking GP appointments for self-limiting illnesses that they are comfortable managing purely to obtain a letter for the school which is a waste of scarce NHS resource.

Please find embedded a letter that can be used in this instance.

School Letter for Medical Evidence June 2017.docx

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